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Top Techniques

Jazz is offered to beginning, intermediate and advanced students. It is one of the most popular forms of fast-paced and energetic dance. Jazz dance techniques include ballet and rhythmic movements that include various forms of dance Students will learn various creative dance combinations and routines that will improve flexibility, agility, endurance and proper leaps and turns technique.


Step by Step

As the foundation of dance, it is highly recommended for all students prior to taking other dance classes. Students will learn beginner level classical elements, proper alignment of the body, strength, flexibility, vocabulary, proper technique and grace.  Class levels offered for beginner, intermediate and advance ballet students. Instructor will determine eligibility for Ballet II class based on previous dance experience and demonstrated skill level.

Ballet Dancers


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This class is available to intermediate and advanced students. Lyrical dance emphasizes emotional expressiveness. Students use an interpretive style of dance that combines ballet and jazz techniques to enhance balance, extension, flexibility and grace. This class is a favorite among many of our students who love a challenge and the chance to try something new. Enjoy the opportunity to train with our leading instructors and leave feeling excited, joyful, and full of inspiration.


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Tap dance is a fun and energetic style of dance. Students will become familiar with tap vocabulary and basic techniques that will improve rhythm, syncopation, musicality and coordination. Tap dance combinations and choreography learned will help to improve endurance and fast-paced movement.

Tap Shoes
Break Dance Crew


Top Techniques

This class is offered to beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers looking for a fun, energetic, challenging and fast past dance instruction. Hip Hop combines jazz and funk dance techniques. Hip Hop has evolved into a trendy and popular dance class for boys, girls, teens and adults around the globe. This genre of dance is often seen in pop dance music videos, dance shows, and at various dance competitions.


Step by Step

You will be introduced to a free form style of contemporary dance that allows you to freely express your emotions and inner feelings. The class will focus on creative movement, improvisation and versatility of combined dance genres which will be used to enhance various elements of dance.



Discover Your Passion

Mexican Folklorico Dance provides of a mix of culturally rich folk dances representing several regions of Mexico. Students will learn a variety of regional dances which include Chiapas, Jalisco, Norteno and many others. The dance movement and footwork learned is detailed and intricate and imitates during performances are colorful and each represent the traditional customs of each state represented. Students will enjoy the instruction provided by an instructor who expresses a deep appreciation for the art of traditional Mexican Folklorico Dance.


Top Techniques

Led by some of our top-level instructors, this class is an important way to build and strengthen foundations while developing new techniques. Understand yourself better as a dancer and gain essential skills that will help you grow. This class prepares studio, high school and pre-professional dance team students for tryouts. Skills learned include basic and intermediate leaps and turns. Ballet skills, proper placement, turnout and other techniques are emphasized to improve coordination and precision. This class is offered to beginning and intermediate dance students.

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Combining dance, theatre and performance allows students to master a number of skills to include dance technique, singing and memorizing music lyrics, learning coordination with the utilization of props, learning facial expressions, creativity and improvisation.  Dancers learn self-expression and self-confidence. Our musical theatre class will include various forms of jazz dance.

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